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By Nicola Rich, Jun 17 2015 09:13AM

Just when everything life appears to be ticking along fine and dandy, in a blink of an eye everything changes; someone says something to you that is hurtful and you can’t shake it off or you discover you didn’t get the job you wanted, or worse you lose your job, or you arrive home only to find your partners bags are packed and you know it’s no holiday (or at least not one you have been planning). In an instant your body is pumped with adrenaline and cortisol, you can’t think straight, except for the very real and very vivid thought that you must be going mad. You have no idea how you are going to cope…or do you?

It seems that some people cope very well when faced with adversity, some recover rather quickly and others even seem to flourish in these situations. Why? These people have learnt how to cultivate emotional resilience and it is a skill all of us can develop.

As a Coach-Counsellor , HR Manager and human being, partial to the occasional crisis myself, I know I am not alone. I am very aware that the people I come in to contact with face similar life struggles. I wanted to help them, and that process started with helping myself to develop my own emotional resilience.

A word of warning; recently I read a very funny line from an article about a LinkedIn profile, it said “I run towards fires”, now once I had picked myself up from the floor laughing, I did think I never want to be so resilient that I would want to run towards these horrible events in my life yelling fire here I come!

a) because that is just bonkers and being resilient doesn’t mean being reckless or unrealistic about how difficult some situations truly are and;

b) because ‘I run towards fires’ sounds seriously cheesy!

But I did want to be resilient enough to heal well, and move through my pain if I got my fingers burnt. I realise others want to do the same, and so now I deliver workshops and offer 1-2-1 coaching to help people develop thier own emotional resilience.

At the heart of resilience has to be a belief in oneself and that coupled with regular and simple day to day practices that each of us can do, means that we will have what we need to weather the storms of tomorrow.

I am giving a short talk on ‘how you can develop your Emotional Resilience’ Wednesday 15th July 2015 at the beautiful Penny Brohn Centre in Pill held by PES. This event is sure to be popular so book your place by clicking on the link below.


“Rock bottom become the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” J K Rowling

By guest, Jun 4 2015 06:39PM

Not an easy decision, because if you are anything like me, you have been with yourself a long time and home is home. However as I grew up I became increasingly aware of my short comings and when I discovered why, gradually everything was explained.

I grew in partnership with desire and ignorance; they often work together, and always with disastrous consequences. It’s surprising they aren’t more talked of in the press.

Desire and ignorance, like me, are survivors but they are incompetent and unstable. Desire is famous only for pursuing pleasures and avoiding pain, while ignorance casts a veil over all his unexamined assumptions and makes wrong ones every hour. Together, they created the psychological reality where I lived. Hardly a surprise, therefore, there were moments in my life when I fell apart!

All is not lost however, we are not compelled to stay the same. We are not a prisoner of our childhood or life experiences. We can look at the different parts of ourselves, keep the parts we like that served us well and say goodbye to the parts that no longer serve us. Only then are we able to create a new more sustainable ways of living our lives.

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