Creating brighter futures through coaching and counselling

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Time to talk?

Most of us get by with a little help of our friends and for the most part that works. however people also recognise the value of turning to trained, experienced and competent professionals for help and support in times of need and in times of personal or professional development.


People often seek professional support because they have got a bit stuck, lost or baffled with life, or an aspect of their life or work which is now holding them back or causing them discomfort or anxiety.


I often find people come to me because they want to discover new ways to be more resilient, to stay happy and healthy and to be successful and achieve, whether that is in their relationships, at work or in life. Not only do I think that it possible for people to attain this level of enrichment and fulfilment rather a right of passage.


I work with people in variety ways, tailoring my approach to meet your needs which may involve self-awareness exercises, thought provoking questions & learning interventions that help you develop and apply fundamental psychological principles so you can live an enriched life; a life that brings you closer to the things you want whilst preserving the things you care about.


Call or email me today and book an introductory session.  Even if you don’t know where to start or what to say – don’t worry – we are here to help.  




Nicola Rich

Ad.Dip.CP, MNCS Acc